Child Success Foundation

Logo Development

Every child is a treasure.

And those facing devastating behavioral and developmental challenges especially deserve a chance to live their best possible life—with access to desperately needed care and counseling. BrandEcho was proud to be a part of a landmark program to help kids and their families receive underwritten occupational therapy services. The agency was hired to offer brand identity support for Child Success Foundation (CSF), a stand-alone non-profit entity established to secure therapeutic funding for children with Sensory Processing disorders, Autism and other behavioral issues.

child success foundation
child success

The Importance of “Visual Storytelling”

The effort was part of broader national dialog to bring greater empathy and awareness to children struggling to gain access to appropriate support resources. As part of the brand identity program, BrandEcho was tasked with creating a unique visual representation for the Foundation that would artistically convey the story of the organization. The agency’s Creative Team developed a beautiful “supporting hands” tree illustration to serve as the focal point of the Foundation’s logo, which became the cornerstone of the ensuing brand campaign.

The original design and accompanying brochure piece conveyed the community care paradigm of “lifting up” each child and encouraging their personal potential—and was pivotal in helping the Foundation expand support among target donor circles.


Logo Design Was Adapted by Child Success Foundation Kids
as Mural Art for Fundraising Campaign