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Announcing a reputation game changer.

In early 2016, the dialog around “on-demand” jobs, labor rights, and fair living wages captivated the employment industry. As issues surrounding the future of so-called “gig jobs” in America pulsed through Silicon Valley, Andreessen-Horowitz backed digital home care brand Honor™ was seeking top level strategic media relations, local market launch initiatives, and industry thought leader support to carefully navigate some of these sensitive issues, while also tapping the many promotional opportunities that existed to launch their brand.

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Honor Headlines Grabbed Nationwide Attention

Our team worked closely with Honor to execute a high-profile news campaign to announce the company’s shift from a contracted worker model to full W-2 employee compensation—a landmark move among Silicon Valley shared economy brands during the period, which proved to be a reputational game changer for Honor’s emerging offering.

The news, which included feature pieces in Forbes, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and more, was pivotal because of its disruptive relevance for other similar, on-demand modeled brands. BrandEcho counseled Honor to move up its announcement by two weeks to eclipse Obama Administration Department of Labor plans to renounce other Valley tech companies for their employee policies. By so doing, Honor was first out to market with a groundbreaking, positive story and key initiative that led the wave of ensuing press coverage, and generated powerful discussion among digital technology pioneers, national pundits, electeds, labor leaders, and the journalist community. The campaign ultimately helped the brand to become a beacon in the space for responsible labor practices.

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Thought Leadership Campaign Focused on Honor Founders, including Silicon Valley Figurehead Seth Sternberg