No More Solid Shock

Trade Relations Campaign

Not all tires are created equal.

Did you know that a rough, bumpy ride behind the wheel of industrial-commercial grade vehicles may actually cause serious muscular/skeletal issues? Neither do many actually working in the industry. Research has shown that “Solid Shock”—or the long-term impact of riding on solid aperture tires—may cause a detrimental health impact for drivers of Off-the-Road (OTR) equipment.


Making the Case for a Smoother, Safer Ride

In 2016, BrandEcho was tasked with executing a trade relations campaign to educate the industry about the effects of Whole Body Vibration or “WBV”, which may be caused from Solid Shock. The core elements of the campaign included creation of an educational website with information about WBV, a discussion about the effects of Solid Shock, and the results of a comprehensive study conducted by research group TRC, Inc.

BrandEcho also executed a press relations campaign to educate the OTR and tire industries about this issue, which resulted in the placement of an executive Op Ed in go-to source Tire Business magazine and extensive coverage across key trade outlets. Additional program elements included identifying and working with a prominent Occupational Safety expert in concert with the University of Washington School of Public Health Department and the leading trade arm, the Tire Industry Association.

Educating the Industry on the Benefits of Tire Fill Technology and the Hidden Costs of “Solid Shock”