Proven expertise in an array of industries.

The leadership of BrandEcho Communications has represented the industry’s most notable brands for more than 20 years – leading multi-million dollar practices and serving Fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Nestle, American Honda, and Procter & Gamble companies at some of the largest multi-nationals firms. Today, we bring that same proven expertise and series of tactical disciplines to a fresh, nimble agency environment that specializes in strategic consultation, consumer marketing, and public awareness campaigns serving key sectors.

Lifestyle Marketing

From packaged goods and branded products to retail, restaurants and hospitality, the team at BrandEcho has worked with some of the biggest global consumer marketing entities. We are consummate lifestyle marketers who understand that good brand building always lays the foundation to create and sustain a strong identity in the hearts and minds of consumers. In the end, this cohesively managed brand communications effort helps to “Amplify the Conversation” with your core target on multiple levels—generating a competitive advantage that ultimately helps to drive sales. Our expertise in this arena includes A to Z marketing communications support, press collateral development, media relations, press tours, special events, promotions, celebrity endorsements, cause-related initiatives, and more.


It’s a technology-focused world, and organizations that aren’t on top of the trends are already losing essential market value. BrandEcho has solidified its reputation and heritage from day one by building brand awareness for cutting edge, category-shaping technology product and service entities from New York to San Francisco to Silicon Beach. Our team brings deep experience in e-commerce, virtual technology, AI, mobile apps, wireless, online marketing, software, and cloud computing to the marketplace—and we offer a track record of media successes and strategic acumen for a range of entities, from established players to emerging start-ups. Get the industry buzzing about your technology before it launches by seeding your story early and disrupting the market!


In today’s increasingly competitive environment, brand management is more important than ever. A good reputation is a company or individual’s most coveted commodity. The BrandEcho team has extensive experience in managing B2B campaigns and image management programs that protect and advance an organization’s bottom line, helping to catapult new and established offerings to the “top of the pack.” Our services include competitive market analysis, press relations, media buying and strategy, opinion polls, thought leadership initiatives, and crisis contingency management. Don’t ignore the opportunity to increase market share by creating a distinct voice in the marketplace that will resonate with customers, strategic partners, and investors alike.


Innovation drives the global economy—but rust belt manufacturers, chemical companies, equipment designers, and engineers who lead the way with revolutionary R&D often don’t have time to tell their stories to the world. This is where BrandEcho can help. You’re the scientists— we’re the communicators. Our team can assist you in getting the attention you deserve in the industrial/commercial sphere and the business world—before press, the trade community, analysts, influencers and investors—so you can attract the customers to help keep great new developments in the works. We salute those who create. Explore ways to take the technological advancements that make our world turn…to the next level. We’ll help you become more “social.” We’ll get you in the news. We’ll get people talking about your brand.


The world of entertainment and sports marketing pumps up the consumer dialog to the highest possible energy level—evoking unmatched passion and emotion. This marketing category sizzles and shouts like no other, incorporating the hottest trends, biggest brands, and boldest forms of innovative conversation. Whether its managing integrated promotions with the NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA for client programs; tapping the inspiration of youth sports; or tying into cutting-edge forms of interactive software and live entertainment, BrandEcho has worked with name brand global entities and coordinated high-profile, headline-grabbing campaigns. Agency team members have orchestrated large scale press events around some of the industry’s biggest grand openings and theme park events, crafted digital content for marquee sports moments, launched highly anticipated videogame titles, and worked with celebrity icons.

Nutrition & Health

One of the single most dynamic and exciting areas of marketing communications is in the field of nutrition and healthcare. The state of medicine and patient care is transforming national and global headlines daily. New players in the market require a robust communications agenda that can help their visionary solutions keep pace with a quickly evolving industry. From the explosive dialog around new healthcare advances to the growing spotlight on holistic nutrition, wellness, naturopathy and on-the-cusp research, the communications and digital marketing field is changing the game for patients and practitioners alike at mind-blowing speed. Our team has the seasoned experience that spans each of the above fields.

Sustainable Practices

The well being of our Planet matters. Our team has been committed to advancing carbon footprint neutrality through the rewarding work we’ve done with our valued client partners for nearly two decades. Our experience in the green marketing area has helped countless organizations to promote a Triple Bottom Line revenue culture and ethos. Whether it’s helping to promote Green Machine™pro-environment manufacturing practices, eco-friendly chemical products, thermal energy conservation and Smart Home building, repurposed mobile devices, child-safe eating containers, organic foods and farm-to-fork non-GMO ingredients, BrandEcho is dedicated to sustainable marketing measures. And, we’re proud to have aligned with leading influencers and thought leaders who are making a real difference in our shared community.


Why “Experiential Marketing”?

Experiential, or engagement, marketing is just one of the many tools in our agency arsenal built around proven strategies to help the brands we represent relate to and better connect with a varied audience base. This form of “hands on,” immersive marketing enables clients to truly own multi-faceted, off- and online communications. The aim: To build deeper loyalty, generate an ongoing dialog that plays out in real time, and foster truly sticky relationships based on actual experiences. Experiential marketers aren’t afraid to veer from traditional methods to help consumers fully jump into the brand experience in a more emotional way. How is this achieved? By incorporating anecdotal and personal stories, utilizing first-hand product trial and peer-to-peer sharing, and exploring alternative tactics such as pop-up mobile displays and other guerilla tactics that offer a new and disruptive perspective to reframe category norms and expectations.

Jamie Douglas, President & Co-Founder