The BrandEcho Team has proudly used our passion for communications to SPEAK UP! and give a voice to community youth organizations and programs. We’re committed to helping kids find channels for expression and physical exercise through healthy, hyper-localized sports programs and developmental activities that foster mind, body and spirit.


LA Galaxy South Bay

BrandEcho is pleased to assist the developmental club soccer arm of leading MLS franchise, the LA Galaxy, with a pro-bono initiative that includes branding, communications and social media support to promote the program’s growth and revitalization as one of the nation’s preeminent youth soccer organizations.

Pro Bono Project:
Kickers Youth Soccer

New community facility provides local area youth with a safe haven and place to learn and play sports after school.

Pro Bono Project:
Redondo Beach School District

Local school children, along with a neighborhood chapter of the Boy Scouts of America, team up to celebrate Veteran’s Day and honor our heroes who served in the military.

Pro Bono Project:
South Bay Pony Baseball League

Media initiative to introduce a newly renamed local baseball league for Los Angeles suburb-area youth.

Pro Bono Project:

Agency team leaders contributed to a high-profile Parenting Community Blog sponsored by Fox Television in Los Angeles.


Helping Kids to Excel & Thrive

Brand Awareness Building:
Child Success Center

Kids from every background—and especially those with special needs diagnoses—need all the love and encouragement they can get to enjoy their lives to the fullest. In 2013, BrandEcho teamed up with the Child Success Center, an occupational therapy center for children facing behavioral, developmental and learning challenges, to provide integrated communications support for a stand-out cause, and one of the most prestigious learning centers in Southern California. Through a series of community outreach and awareness building initiatives (including development of a monthly informational eNewsletter designed to reach donors, educators, physicians and parents), our team helped to bring the critical need for effective support programs to the forefront of the local community.

Capital Campaign Support:
Speech and Language
Development Center

What if the ability to effectively use language was a struggle each and every day? That’s exactly what the amazing children and staff at Speech and Language Development Center (SLDC) strive to overcome on-site at their unique language training and occupational therapy campus in Anaheim, CA. BrandEcho partnered with the SLDC leadership team in 2011 to conduct a series of focus groups with the parents of the incredible kids served by this historic institute established nearly 60 years ago. By hearing the parents’ heartwarming and emotional stories, our team helped to create an “authentic voice” and special brand dialog on behalf their children—drawing attention to the many issues they face to better attract essential funding and support services.